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  • Cone Calorimeter Fire Testing Equipment Heat Release Rate Smoke Production Test

    Cone calorimeter

    ISO 5660, ASTM E 1354, ASTM E 1474, ASTM E 1740, ASTM F 1550, ASTM D 6113,NFPA 264,CAN ULC 135 and BS 476 Part 15

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  • Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus EN ISO 9239-1, ASTM E648, ASTM E970, NFPA 253

    Flooring Radiant Panel Tester

    The test equipment measures the spread of flame of the sample, under thermal exposure, using a radiant heat ignition source according to ASTM E648,ISO 9239-1DIN 4102 Part 14.

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  • Single Burning Item SBI Fire Testing System EN 13823&EN 13501

    EN13823 Single Burning Item

    The Single Burning Item (SBI), is a method of test for determining the reaction to fire behavior of building products (excluding floorings) when exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item

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  • Steiner Tunnel Test Furnace for Electrical Optical Fiber Cables Testing UL 910

    Steiner Tunnel Test Furnace

    UL910 covers the test method for determining values of flame-propagation distance and optical smoke density for electrical and optical-fiber cables.

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To Be Advanced in Quality and Service! 


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china latest news about ASTM D92 or ASTM D93?
On June 21, 2024
What is the difference between ASTM D92 or ASTM D93? ASTM D92 and ASTM D93 are both test methods developed by ASTM International to determine the flash point of petroleum products. Here's a comparison of the two methods: ASTM D92 (Standard Test Method for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup ...
china latest news about ASTM D3241 JFTOT
On June 21, 2024
Could you explain the key factors that JFTOT measures to evaluate jet fuel stability? The JFTOT (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester) measures several key factors to evaluate the stability of jet fuel. These factors include: 1.Oxidation Stability: The JFTOT test assesses the fuel's resistance to ...
china latest news about Italy Customers visit us in June
On June 18, 2024
After three months negotiation,the distributor in Italy brought the end user to check our factory and products. The end user is a laboratory in Italy,and they plan to purchase our Cone Calorimeter and NBS Smoke Density Chamber in June. We had a very joyful meeting,and i believe we will have good ...
china latest news about Egypt Customers Visit Factory for Goods Inspection
On June 5, 2024
In the end of May,our customer from Egypt visited us for goods inspection,they purchased some cable testing equpment as follows: AIC22118 Wire Static Flexing Tester AIC22051 Two Pulley Cable Flexibility Tester AIC42039-A Low Temperature Elongation Tester AIC42041 Low Temperature Bending Tester ...
china latest news about Inspection of Pre-shippment by USA Customer
On April 21, 2024
WTEL purchased 15 sets petroleum products testing equipment from us. Before sending PO and making advance payment,they arrange the 3rd Party to inspect factory. After two months,all goods are ready to ship,and they arranged inspction of pre-shipping again.And they will pick up goods in the end of ...