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June 17, 2021

The 1st OSU Heat Release Rate Test System in China

This month,we produced the first OSU Heat Release Rate Test System in China.

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The OSU heat release rate test equipment, originally designed by Smith of Ohio State University in 1972, became FAA's designated combustion tester. The test standards are FAR Part 25 Appendix F Part IV, Airbus AITM 2.0006, Boeing BSS 7322 and ASTM E906.

The Heat Release Rate (OSU) test is used by the aerospace/aviation industry to determine the heat release rate of cabin compartment materials when exposed to radiant heat. It is most commonly used to show compliance with 14 CFR 25.853(d).

A test sample is placed into a chamber with a constant flow of air. A radiant heat source is applied to the exposed surface of the sample. The changes in temperature of the gas are monitored and recorded. The pass/fail criterion is based on the heat release rate calculated from this data.



FAR 25.853 Part IV:Heat release rates by materials and products when exposed to one level of radiant heat

Airbus AITM 2.0006,

Boeing BSS 7322,

ASTM E906:Standard Test Method for Heat and Visible Smoke Release Rates for Materials and Products Using a Thermopile Method SUPERSEDED

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