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June 30, 2021

Best CCS Machine is China

The instrument is used to measure the apparent viscosity of engine oil at low temperature (- 35 ℃ ~ - 5 ℃).


Applicable standards: ASTM D5293 and GB/T 6538-2010 Engine Oils - Determination of Apparent Viscosity - Using the Cold-cranking Simulator.


They are ready for Singapore customer.

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The Engine Oil Apparent Viscosity Apparatus includes:

  • One circulating water bath
  • One CCS-I host
  • Cold-Cranking Simulator V1.06 software
  • Device card
  • Waste liquid collector (including vacuum pump, hose and waste liquid bottle)
  • Water flow sensor
  • Communication cable connected to computer
  • Standard oil
  • Anhydrous ethanol (provided by customers)
  • Desktop computer (provided by customer, install Widows XP system with serial communication port)
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